Posted on: March 30, 2008 4:50 am

What's Up With CBS Taking Ratings Away?!

About two or so weeks a go I was awarded my 1K. But, for the last four or five days I haven't posted but I have sent several private messages to a friend. I logged on to my lap top yesterday and low and behold...... my 1K has been literally ripped off. I say this because I didn't do anything to deserve losing it and I'll make my point about this now...

     I was reading through the threads on the Auto boards and noticed that one oh my favorites Gixxer had created a thread about loosing his 1K. Now explain this... I have people on my connections that are 1k that have literally not been active for at least a month and a half and they still have their 1K. They have not posted, played any games and some of them are ranked even higher under their value than some of the people that are on here every day with the same rating! I have to believe in my case CBS has used this as some sort of punishment in their eyes for me putting them down here lately. What do I have to say about that? If the shoe fits wear it!!

  I know there are better minds than mine out there so if anyone can come up with a solution to the way CBS treats members so different, please by all means ...let the Auto Boards know and any one else about the dictatorship of CBS.


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